"An Epic and Ridiculous adventure about a drunkard Viking
plundering his way across the globe in search of the perfect mead!"

Blood And Mead is a grand adventure about a drunkard viking named Olaf. With plunder on the mind and mead on the tongue, he sets off to explore the mysterious and exotic lands beyond the Great Sea; the far off wonders of Rome, Asia, and Pharaoh’s Egypt!

Olaf must learn and master the ancient skill of mead crafting. Different brews will grant unique abilities ( speed, strength, swimming, and even flight!) which are used to overcome the game’s many challenges and dispose of enemies in creative and hilarious ways.

This is not your typical adventure and Olaf is far from a hero. He is a crude and quick witted (but lovable!) scoundrel who torments local villagers with his outlandish antics. Whether he is riding a pig, burning a tavern or nursing a hangover by the fjord, Olaf’s adventures are guaranteed to be long remembered in taverns everywhere.

Join the adventure soon, leap into Olaf’s longboat and begin the epic quest for the perfect mead.